Customer Relationship Management, CRM, is a set of business processes an organization performs to improve marketing, sales, and service of its products and services to customers. Riics CRM solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM application and through partnership with Microsoft and other industry partners, Riics is able to bring fast, flexible, an affordable CRM solution to clients.

Riics CRM Solutions help clients:

  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty
  • Improve Customer Services
  • Increase Sales Effectiveness
  • Increase Marketing Productivity
  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Costs
  • Enhance Profitability

There are two types of Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment options:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise:  Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise solution is ideal for organization with existing technology investments and IT staff, custom development/integration, compliance requirements, and/or wishes to have ownership of the CRM application.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Cloud):  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution is ideal fit for organization with limited IT resources, limited number of CRM users, need to quickly deploy CRM, and/or does not want to maintain HW/SW infrastructures.