Importing Data into CRM 2011

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 you can add new records in bulk into CRM using Import Data Wizard. If you want to save time in mapping the source data to target fields in CRM, you can download import templates in xml “Download Template for Import”.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM importing  feature accepts csv or xml file types and you can also compress source files into zipped file for import.The Import Data Wizard provides an ability to create new fields in CRM during data mapping process dynamically if your source data contains attributes that does not exist in CRM.  You will find this feature to be very useful when you are importing file that have many attributes/columns and you forgot to create corresponding new fields in CRM prior to import process.  Quick Tips: Keep in mind that the largest single file size that can be imported into CRM is 8MB.  If you are importing multiple files, they can be zipped up into single zip file but the maximum size allowed for zipped file is 32MB.

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